Arachni v0.2.3 is out with an updated WebUI supporting multiple Dispatchers.

The new release is here and it brings a cool new feature.
The WebUI has been given a few rounds of steroids and now supports multiple Dispatchers; add as many as you want and start your own Arachni grid — or not…if you’re not a psycho.

This isn’t really aimed at people who just want to scan a couple of websites, this is for the ones among you who have a few idling servers around the globe or have a cloud service and need to scan 30 websites in a couple of days.
Ok, I pulled these numbers out of my ass but it’s still a cool feature to have.

And here are some screenshots for your viewing pleasure:

Home screen

Editing Dispatchers

Idling Dispatchers

Scanner instances/agents, hard at work.

Starting yet another scan

That’s it. 🙂

Do a gem install arachni and take this baby for a spin yourself. 😉

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