Arachni: A sneak peek at the Grid (with screenshots)

The avid followers of Arachni already know that I’ve been working on a High Performance Grid — a way to connect multiple Dispatchers together and share the workload of a scan amongst multiple Instances.
My previous post contains some abstract theory and designs for the architecture so if you’re looking for more than a walk-through and a few screenshots you should take a look at it.

What few people know is that most of the code for the Grid has been written and that it actually works — of course it’s still highly unstable and experimental but it’s getting there…

Time for the moneyshots (the screenshot utility kept messing with the images for some reason):

Home - Start scan screen

Scan progress screen - Crawling stage

Scan progress screen - Done crawling, workload split and all instances running.

Dispatchers screen

Dispatchers screen - Inspecting a Dispatcher's neighbours

Dispatchers screen - Inspecting a Dispatcher's log

If you want to try it out yourself I’ve put some instructions in the README file of the git branch.

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